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7 November 2023 by   Linnea

School refurbishment – Do we need planning permission or building regs?

When it comes to refurbishing schools, you need to consider whether you’re going to need planning permission or building regulation approval. Let’s break it down:

Planning Permission for External Changes: If your school refurbishment plans involve altering the external appearance, E.g., Adding high fences, gates, canopies, or extensions, you generally require planning permission.

Internal Alterations: Internal changes usually don’t need planning permission, but you may need building regulation approval if your project falls into one of these categories:

  1. Removal of Load-Bearing Walls: If your refurbishment includes removing a load-bearing wall and installing a beam or lintel, building regulation approval is necessary.
  2. Fire Safety Concerns: Internal alterations to walls or doors that form a means of escape in case of fire, E.g., Those surrounding staircases and protected routes, may also need building regs approval.
  3. Below Ground Drainage: Any alterations to below-ground drainage systems may need building regs approval.

For alterations involving load-bearing walls, you may need a structural engineer to calculate the required beam or lintel sizes.

Glendale, as your competent refurbishment partner, will be able to advise on the procedure for getting building regulation approval. This may be through using either the local authority or an approved inspector. A building inspector may insist on other works being carried out to ensure that the whole project meets building regulations.


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