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The perfect answer to your classroom storage needs

Teaching Walls extend the Storage Wall concept to a classroom situation by turning space-efficient resource storage into a front teaching area. They empower teachers by letting them have all their resources close to hand and their compact floor footprint can even increase the available teaching area. The adaptability of a Teaching Wall can transform even the most difficult spaces into a cutting edge learning environment.

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All you need to know about Teaching Walls from Glendale

Efficiency- having all the resources close to the front of the class allows better teacher supervision, saving time and space
Using higher units wall to wall can actually save up to 10 square metres in a typical classroom allowing more space per pupil (or more pupils!)
Teacher walls are typically between 2metres and 2.7 meters in height; the higher areas are ideal for resources that are only used from time to time.
Just about everything (including the kitchen sink!) We will design a system to meet your needs and supply you with detailled drawings. Sliding whiteboard doors, Gratnell trays in 4 sizes, pigeon holes, adjustable shelving, lockable drawers, lap top and tablet charging points, pull out suspension files, fitted teacher desks, open shelving for reading schemes, cloak storage………..the list is endless.
Glendale teaching walls are available in over 200 woodgrain and plain colours. We can also match to the classroom woodwork and to classroom desks, a fully colour-coordinated teaching space.
You don’t need a new one, we can re-fit your existing board or screen in a better position, slightly forward to allow pupils to see it better. We can also provide access to the cables so your IT people can easily change the board in the future.
We can build in, or build around, any services that are there already, fitting access panels and ports to allow you to access whatever service you need for computers, charging points etc.
No, we can provide all this using fully qualified staff. Or, if you prefer to use your own people that is fine, we can work with them.
A smaller installation can be done in a day, even with sinks and other service alterations it is rarely more than 2 days.
The cost of a teaching wall varies considerably, from £2000 to £8000 excluding VAT, dependant on the size of the wall and the fitments included. Just drop us an email and we will visit and provide you with an accurate drawing and quotation: alternatively, just send us a picture and sizes of the room and we will provide you with a budget cost.
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