Science Lab Refurbs

Science laboratories are demanding environments which have to be completely safe for all users, robust and hard-wearing to stand up to everyday school life.

Are you happy with your current science lab layout? Does it need updating? Need to fit more students in?

Do you want a complete redesign with new locations for all the services (water/gas/electrics)?

Glendale can install the Skola™ Lab System and carry out the whole project for you from initial concept design through to completion.

Food Tech Refurbs

With many Skola™ food technology rooms in our project portfolio, our expert team can optimise your space to make the layout as efficient as possible, whilst providing increased pupil numbers or storage requirements.

We provide a start-to-finish service from design (which can include items such as air extraction, appliances, LED lighting and safety flooring) through to completion. 


Washrooms are often a challenging area for schools, but thankfully Glendale’s Skola Washroom System™ is the ideal product to make them easier to maintain.

With full washroom design and refurbishment, we can take care of your whole project from start to finish.

We can reformat washrooms by changing the layout, installing suitable cubicles and relocating the hand washing facilities if necessary.

We can help improve the visibility of certain washroom areas to make them easier to supervise and help make the area quicker and easier to clean by installing hygienic wall cladding and seamless flooring.