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19 February 2021 by   Poppy

Teaching Walls for the Modern Classroom

What is a Teaching Wall?

A Teaching Wall, sometime known as a Storage Wall or Learning Wall, is a bespoke storage unit, designed to minimise the need for multiple storage units and shelves, therefore optimising space in the classroom. These custom built walls combine storage, display, whiteboards or interactive screens into one effective layout, creating a central focus point in the room as well as an effective, space-efficient storage option.

These Storage walls have seen an increase in popularity and are the first choice in most modern classrooms around the country. Being a customised product, the Teaching Wall can answer a multitude of individual requirements, however, there are three main effects, from which all clients benefit. These include, spatial optimisation, improved organisation and focus and increased safety/privacy.

Why opt for a Teaching wall? 

A Teaching Wall can save up to 30% floorspace in your classroom. This space can be used to improve social distancing between students and allow for more flexibility in classroom layout. By bringing all storage to the front of the class, you can free-up the other 3 walls and save on access space. Our designers are experienced at utilising space effectively in order to create minimalist and practical classrooms which cater to your needs.

For any Teacher striving to stay organised, the Teaching Wall is definitely worth a consideration. The wall is designed to store your commodities in the most practical and space efficient way possible. Teaching Wall can be designed with trays, filing, lockable drawers, pull out teacher desks and many other useful storage options which are all integrated into one fitted unit for a sleek and minimalistic result. The benefit to storing your necessary items in a wall is that it minimises distraction in the classroom, which in turn increases student’s attention span, which maximises potential for learning.

Lastly, the Teaching Wall can be built with locking doors, allowing for storage of hazardous equipment or private items. In addition, device charging units and cables can be stored inside the unit, which minimises wire trip hazards and the need for multiple charging points around the classroom. Locked doors and strategically placed items can mean more private or personal items can be stored appropriately


Our designers will present 2D and 3D designs of your Teaching Wall, as shown above.

Teaching Wall Features can include:

  • Lockable doors / Sliding Whiteboard doors
  • Matching Static or pull-out teacher desk
  • Device charging units
  • Multiple colour and wood grain options
  • Integrated Whiteboards and Screen
  • Shelving and filing trays
  • Student trays storage
  • Sink unit




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