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26 May 2020 by   Mark Williams

2020 Workplace Design Trends

The workplace is continually evolving and over the past decade or so trends in workplace design have been increasingly employee centric with focus on providing staff with an environment in which they can prosper. Workplaces which are focused on the needs of their employees prove to be more productive and cost effective by reducing absenteeism and increasing retention. This logic continues to drive workplace trends in 2020. We take a look at what’s going to be at the forefront of this year’s workplace design ideas.

Natural Light

Whilst not necessarily a new idea the importance of natural light is becoming increasingly talked about as the focus on employee wellness grows. Natural light in the workplace is proven to positively impact employee wellbeing, productivity and happiness.

Incorporating natural light in to a design can be a complex task depending on the buildings structure but taking care as to where workspaces are positioned, utilising smart lighting solutions and thinking creatively about how outside and roof spaces can be used can have a major impact.


Sustainability has become a major topic at a worldwide level across all aspects of our lives. Employees and customers want to see companies that have strong environmental policies and a sustainable approach to business.

2020 will see designs preferring materials and furniture that also has a sustainable approach in its manufacturing. Reclaimed or up-cycled furniture will also become increasingly popular, mixing old with new.

Flexible Meeting Spaces

The need for multi-purpose spaces has become increasingly popular over the last few years. This trend is here to stay with more companies requesting designs that allow spaces to be utilised for multiple functions and tasks.

As new ways of collaborating are embraced, stand up and informal meeting spaces are increasingly required. Boardrooms and meeting rooms still have a part to play but increasingly required is the need for these spaces to be multi-purpose and flexible. Think movable walls and furniture that can easily be rearranged, stacked and utilised for multiple functions.

Unconventional Workspaces

Technology is enabling staff to work from anywhere and as more companies adopt the trend of allowing employees to work from multiple workstations rather than a single desk this is driving the trend towards utilising spaces that previously wouldn’t have been considered for a workspace. Think corridors, window ledges or open spaces under the stairs. This trend feeds the need for privacy and a variety of workspaces away from the desk.


Mindfulness is becoming an increasingly hot topic in and out of the workplace. In 2020 we will see more companies creating workspaces that provide spaces for concentration, quiet time and reflection. This will drive further need for flexible spaces and transformation of unconventional spaces, also pods where staff can work and reflect quietly and in privacy within the existing office environment.

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