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20 May 2020 by   Mark Williams

5 tips to create an inviting office space

When it comes to office design you want to create a space that is efficient and enhances productivity of your team. However, don’t forget to make the workplace attractive and welcoming for customers, clients and current employees.

We’ve created a list of our top tips for creating a practical yet inviting office space.

1. Create An Interactive Conference Room

Transform dull meeting rooms with a touch of modern technology. Interactive whiteboards will display your data straight from your device. Employees can simply plug in their laptops and clearly present their ideas and clients will be suitably impressed with modern technological touches. Our team can help you select the right components to create your modern interactive conference room.

2. Keep It Clean

An untidy workspace is distracting and a time-suck. It decreases productivity and gives a bad impression to clients. Clear the clutter to create a professional impression on customers and staff. Everything should have its place. A number one problem in keeping the office tidy is not enough storage or not the right storage. Our office planners can help you find exactly what you need to create a place for everything to be put away where it is close to hand or neatly organized within your working spaces.

3. Be Mindful of Lighting

Garish fluorescent lighting is known to suck the energy out of even the most vibrant worker, and it can certainly dampen the mood for visitors. Opt for softer lighting that will still provide ample brightness. Ambient overhead lighting can be complemented by decorative pendants and personal lighting, creating a light, warm and inviting space.

4. Brighten The Space With Colour

We tend to underestimate the importance of colour in the workspace. Incorporating bright colours can make your office space feel more inviting. Colour palettes can be chosen to affect mood, productivity and creativity. Our designers will be able to help you chose the right colours and tones dependant on the function of the space you are designing and the mood or mindset you wish to create.

5. Incorporate Conversational Features

Give visitors a lasting impression of exactly what your company is about with branding messages and quirky touches. Unusual seating or a touch of elegance here and there will make your company stand out and not be forgotten . If your workplace looks like everyone else’s in your industry then you won’t be considered any differently.

Our experience office planners are here to help and advise anytime you like. Whether it’s a full re-design, a cost effective tweak here and there or a design problem you are unsure how to fix. Give our expert team a call today 01772 696222


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