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19 January 2021 by   Poppy

A Guide to choosing Tables and Chairs for your Classroom

Are you unsure which height tables and chairs your students require? You’re in the right place. In this simple guide we will run through the key considerations you should be aware of when selecting your classroom furniture. This a very important factor to be aware of, as you consider that the average pupil sits for around 975 hours per year in the classroom. By making the correct choices you can, not only seat your pupils comfortably but increase concentration and maximise their potential for learning.

What is BS EN1729?

The European Classroom Furniture Standard (BS EN 1729) outlines what furniture is suitable for educational use. It is important to select a supplier which is BS EN1729 compliant, as a large amount of furniture you can purchase online isn’t suitable for educational use. Failing to research your classroom furniture choices properly, could result in poor posture and discomfort that could be detrimental to your students long-term health. You can be assured that all furniture you purchase from Glendale UK is EN Certified and suitable for use in the Educational sector.

The Guide below shows the BS EN1729 size mark and indicates the pupil age of the range that they are suitable for.

This information is for guidance only and is based on the average pupil size across the EU. It is important that customers ensure sizes are correct for their individual pupil requirements.

In order to choose the correct heights, it is important that you know how these measurements are taken. The heights shown in the chart measure the popliteal height, by taking the measurement from the floor to the back of the knee when seated with thighs horizontal to the floor and feet flat on the floor.

The colours in the above chart represent the different heights available and are often denoted by coloured caps on the feet of chairs and tables or sometimes coloured stickers on the side or bottom of chairs.

If you would like some guidance regarding which height tables and chairs you require for your classroom, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.


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