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2 December 2021 by   Poppy

Boost Staff morale and well-being by refreshing your School Staffroom

The importance of the school environment to Staff well-being:

At Glendale we understand the importance of Staff wellbeing and fully support schools in taking active measures to ensure staff well-being is encouraged and promoted.

Many schools have proved refurbishing areas of the school is a great opportunity to attract and retain excellent teaching staff and what better room to start with, than the staffroom!

Show your staff they are valued by investing money in their Staffroom facilities. We will facilitate your desire to transform a tired staffroom into a Staff haven which will boost morale, encourage well-being and inspire positivity.

Why Choose Glendale for your Staffroom requirements?

Our experienced design team work closely with clients to ensure all requirements are met – whether practical, budgetary or idealistic!

✅Our design team will work closely with you until you are 100% happy with the designs – we ensure maximum space optimisation and value for money in our designs.
✅We will take care of all project management by co-ordinating all trades to ensure the process is ‘hassle-free’ for our clients.
✅We will provide samples of finishes and furniture so you can be confident in our quality and ‘try before you buy’

Whether you are looking for a Bistro-style configuration designed for coffee break collaboration or maybe more of a relaxed environment with soft seating and breakout furniture? – we would love to get creative with your space.

Contact us for free designs and quotation for your staffroom


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